Operation Safe Place

An affiliate sector of Eldlerly Service Organization (ESO), Operation Safe place extends its hand in helping displaced individuals in the Houston, Texas area. We are a crisis intervention agency addressing a myriad of distressing life situations.

OSP functions as a "transitional hub"; acting as an immediate safe haven and contact liaison to the necessary organizations specializing in the services an individual desperately needs.

Local businesses in the metropolitan Houston area volunteer to display our logo in their window, informing the public that anyone in need may enter and ask for safe haven. Our organization is then contacted and we immediately rush there for pick up of the distressed. Examples of distressed situations include: abused women and children, runaways, chronic homelessness, and drug and alcohol intervention.

Our organization is a registered 501 c(3) non-profit and totally dependent upon donations from concerned individuals such as yourself. We appreciate each and every donation, no matter the size. Won't you please give a one-time or recurring tax-deductible donation to our cause of helping the afflicted in our inner-city by pressing the link below? And again, thanks for your contribution!

Comments, Concerns, or For More Information, email below (osplace4info@gmail.com).